Teresa Flowers is offering an mentorship program that will enable students of various disciplines to be part of the growth and development of the company while gaining valuable work experience in a field of interest to them. The management and operation of Teresa Flowers Photography require a diverse array of talents and skills. By mentoring under Teresa, you will be able to make a contribution to the company while supplementing your studies with hands-on experience.

This specific mentorship available is in fashion photography and styling. It is a three month long program where you learn the basics of fashion photography and how to expand your portfolio. You will receive a certificate at the end of the training and program.

Some experience that will be offered are weekly studio sessions where you will be shooting with models, technical and experimental methods for shooting, creative freedoms with personal direction in handling talent.

Time Commitment: In general, a time commitment of 5-10 hours per week, for a three-month minimum is expected; accommodations can be negotiated to meet school /work requirements.

Cost: $1750 where the mentorship can be specifically tailored to your interests.

Compensation: A certificate by the Creative Development Institute in fashion photography and styling.